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What's Stopping You?

By: Brenda Bowen Wednesday August 15, 2018 comments

What's Stopping You?   

I have heard some say that they need to get caught up or things cleaned up before handing over their bookkeeping to a professional. They are afraid of judgement on their mess. No worries! No judgement here. You don't clean your car before getting it detailed, clean your house before the cleaning lady comes, clean your clothes before taking it to a dry cleaner, or rake your leaves before the landscaper arrives do you? Well I have been guilty once with one of those, lol. We all need help in some area of our life or business. Something that is on our plate that doesn't need to be. What do you need to delegate? Take a baby step towards help and get started.

Brenda Bowen

About the Author: Brenda Bowen

Owner of Peace of Mind Accounting, QuickBooks ProAdvisor with 12+ years of experience helping small businesses with their bookkeeping needs.

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