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Don't Mix Personal Expenses with Business

By: Brenda Bowen Monday June 5, 2017 comments Tags: Tips

Hey Entrepreneurs - Is this your face when you look at your bank or credit card statements and you are trying to remember if that charge was a business expense or a personal expense? "I can't remember!" Change your habits - use your business checking and credit card only for business transactions. Transfer funds or do an owner's draw to your personal account to pay for personal expenses. Whether you do your own bookkeeping or you delegate it to someone, you can avoid wasting precious time sorting things out, coding, and pulling receipts to figure out the mystery.

Don't Mix

Brenda Bowen

About the Author: Brenda Bowen

Owner of Peace of Mind Accounting, QuickBooks ProAdvisor with 12+ years of experience helping small businesses with their bookkeeping needs.

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