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On The Horizon

By: Brenda Bowen Monday August 15, 2016 comments Tags: Tips

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we sometimes get tunnel vision.  We work on the things that we enjoy, are good at, or the task right in front of us at the moment.  But we all know there is a long list of tasks that also must be done in running a business.  That long list can cause you stress and can get overwhelming as time goes on.  Do yourself and your business a favor and delegate some of those tasks.  Find people you can trust to help you.  When you let it go and get it done, your outlook on the horizon will be much improved.    

Brenda Bowen

About the Author: Brenda Bowen

Owner of Peace of Mind Accounting, QuickBooks ProAdvisor with 12+ years of experience helping small businesses with their bookkeeping needs.

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